Thank You Dean Russo

Published On: June 25, 2018By

Dear Dean,

I was truly grateful and very excited when you replied to my email thanking me for rescuing innocent Pitbulls and giving me permission to display your beautiful art on my updated website. As a volunteer shelter vet for 17 years, I worked with hundreds of Pitbulls. I have adopted Pitbulls as my own pets since it breaks my heart when I see that nobody wants them. Sadly, they were all abused and required medical attention and training but with love and patience, they all blossomed into wonderful, friendly, loving, loyal family members. I became emotional the first time I saw your Pitbull art and messages. I thought that this man is not only a talented artist but a very brave person to say what every animal lover is thinking in such a direct and honest manner.

My niece, Rachel, first introduced me to your amazing art when she gave me a T-shirt with a large, colorful Pitbull face with the words “Kisser not a Biter” written around his head. Instantly, I fell in love with the vibrant colors, details, and unique creative style which I had never seen before. Rachel told me your name and I quickly googled Dean Russo Art and fell down the rabbit hole looking at hundreds of pictures, one more amazing than the next. I was so happy to discover an artist who was painting Pitbulls and other animals and educating people with his direct, sharp-witted sometimes shocking phrases which is the same way I express myself.

Pinky, Therapy DogMy first Dean Russo painting hangs in the den above my dad’s chair where he watches TV while his therapy dog, my Pitbull, Pinky, sits by his side. Pinky stands on the edge of dad’s chair paws at his arm to be petted all day long. I soon purchased many Dean Russo T-shirts along with paintings to decorate my veterinary hospital waiting room and home.

I recently purchased a Dean Russo phone cover with a colorful Pittie and the phrase “The Only Thing Dangerous is Your Uneducated Opinion.” Of course, I was impressed and excited to show it to everyone telling them to go to Dean Russo’s website to support you and shop for your art.

I am honored and grateful to spread the word about your amazing talent and educational messages to try to change the negative perspective many have about Pitbulls. I am impressed and delighted to have discovered an artist with such a genuine love of animals and not afraid to state the truth about this misunderstood breed.

With deep gratitude, I am honored to share your unique art and messages from the kind, compassionate man who creates it. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to display your beautiful work on my website so I can share it with the animal lovers who can further pay it forward.

Respectfully, Stacey Joy

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