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Adopt a puppy and help end Puppy Mills

Published On: May 11, 2018By

Adopt a homeless pet and save a life

At Natural Vet for Pets, Dr.Hershman strongly believes in adopting pets from shelters. If you are looking to open your home to a new best friend, please go to your local animal shelter or use the Petfinder app below which we’ve set-up to include local pet shelters from our surrounding communities.

What if you want a purebred? What about a hypoallergenic pet?

Purebreds and hypoallergenic pets are also available through shelters and rescues throughout the country. In fact, many rescues and animal shelters specialize in specific breeds.

What about Pet Stores?

Some pet stores now only offer kittens, puppies, cats and dogs for adoption, which can include an adoption fee. These stores have joined with various animal protection agencies to become Puppy Friendly Pet Stores (cats too).

Unfortunately, many pet stores that sell cats and dogs often obtain their animals from puppy mills and cats mills although they may not realize that is the source of their animals. Because of the breeding conditions of these mills, most of these animals are raised in very poor conditions and are unhealthy.

Educate yourself on puppy mills

Learn what they are and what you can do:

Puppy Mills

Prisoners of Greed

Last Chance for Animals – Ban Puppy Mills

Fight Animal Cruelty

Stop Puppy Mills

Kitten mills exist too. Please go to the shelter or cat rescue organization in your neighborhood if you are interested in kittens too.

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