Pet Homeopathy Requirements

Pet guardian guidelines

No vaccinations.

Please inform Dr. Stacey Hershman if the rabies vaccine is due. Legally, only healthy animals, free of illness, should be vaccinated. Most animals under my treatment are ill with chronic disease. Rabies is the only vaccination required by law, every 3 years after the 1st year.

Combination or multiple vaccines are not advised.

Antibody blood titers are recommended for distemper, parvo, hepatitis, lepto and lyme disease. These are blood tests which check for immunological response to the vaccines.

Please do not self-prescribe or you will antidote or sabotage the treatment.

If you have any questions, please email or call 914-478-4100 before giving the remedy.

Regular follow-up consultations are important for the healthy progress of your animal.

In between appointments, if you are seeing changes in your pet that concern you, please email or call and leave a progress report on the 24 hour voicemail.

New Patient?

Before we can schedule an appointment for your pet, please fill out the form below, provide with your pet's medical records and return via email or fax.

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