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Vaccinations for Your Pets: An Educational Resource

Published On: May 11, 2018By

At Natural Vet for Pets, vaccinations are only given to cats and dogs when absolutely necessary. Dr. Hershman studied with Dr. Pitcairn and shares an educational excerpt from his website on the effects of vaccines on animals.

Educational Resource
Animal Diseases: A New Look at the Vaccine Question

Excerpt from book By Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD Veterinary Immunology

Homeopathic Discovery of Vaccinosis

Of course, this “discovery”, which was actually more the reinvention of the wheel, prompted me to search the homeopathic literature for information about the relation of vaccination to disease. The most important source on this phenomenon is the book Vaccinosis and Its Cure by Thuja with Remarks on Homeoprophylaxis by J. Compton Burnett, M.D. The first edition of this book appeared in London in March 1884.

It is here that vaccination is first clearly described as a chronic disease. The effect of vaccination, besides the physical effects of stimulating an antibody response, is to establish a chronic disease — one that is long-lasting, indeed, in some cases a lifelong, condition. Burnett refers to the chronic disease that results from vaccination by the name Vaccinosis. So, we will adhere, in this discussion, to the same convention. Vaccinosis is to be understood as the disturbance of the vital force by vaccination that results in mental, emotional, and physical changes that can, in some cases, be a permanent condition.

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Reprinted with permission from A New Look at the Vaccine Question by Richard H. Pitcairn.
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