Protect your dog from heartworm with preventatives and homeopathy

How could my dog get heartworm disease?

Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitos that must bite a positive dog with heartworm (HW) disease then bite a negative dog. Homeopathy is used to treat symptoms making your pet stronger, but it is not prevention or cure for heartworm disease.

Dogs positive for heartworm disease will be treated using conventional methods. There is no natural treatment to cure a heartworm positive dog. It is better to prevent heartworm disease than to have to treat a positive dog since it can cause permanent damage to the heart and lungs.

Preventing heartworm in low-risk areas

  • To prevent heartworm disease in low-risk areas, you can use Deflea Spray topically on your pet to reduce exposure to mosquitos. If you choose not to use heartworm preventative in low-risk areas, then your dog should have a heartworm blood test every 6 months – the life cycle of the parasite.
  • Deflea Spray containing naturals ingredients will repel and kill most mosquitoes. Spray daily to every other day on your dog avoiding the eyes and front of the face. Spray on your hand or tilt your dog’s head back to apply to the back of the head and ear flaps.
  • In the Northeast, there is a low risk in most areas of heartworm disease, but exposure is still possible. Since the majority of pet dogs are negative and on monthly preventative, this lowers the risk of exposure to positive mosquitoes spreading heartworm disease.

Heartworm preventative recommended in high-risk areas like the Southeast

  • Since mosquitoes are rare during wintertime in the Northeast, heartworm preventative is discontinued after December unless you travel to the Southeastern USA, a high-risk area.
  • In high-risk mosquito areas, you should use oral, monthly heartworm pills in dogs who are free of chronic disease and have not had bad reactions to it.

Talk to your veterinarian about heartworm

Dr. Hershman will discuss your individual pet’s situation to help you decide on a course of action.

Make sure you tell Dr. Hershman where your dog came from or has visited. For example, did you get your dog from a local shelter or perhaps your pet traveled across the country via many of the rescue services? Has your dog lived or recently visited Southeastern USA or outside the USA?

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