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Natural Diet and Pet Food

How do I know if the pet food brand I choose is really natural with high-quality ingredients?

You don't, just because a TV commercial or a blog or website says it is natural, this does not guarantee that the highest quality human grade ingredients are used. There are new brands of pet foods coming out all the time who claim to be natural or have natural ingredients, but some do not, which can be overwhelming and confusing to many pet guardians.

The more aggressively a company advertises with tons of commercials, the bigger the company, therefore quantity is more important to them than quality.

NEVER shop in a grocery store or large franchises for cheap pet foods which contain meat by-products, genetically modified soy and corn and artificial preservatives, salt and sugar. Animals get addicted to the salt and sugar just like humans do so they become junk food junkies leading to health problems.

Search for smaller, family-owned or smaller businesses that advertise by word of mouth through small, non-franchised pet supplies and health food stores. They usually carry higher-end products. You will not only be feeding better quality food which prevents chronic disease, but you are supporting a small family business.

Nutrition: Natural diet for dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

Sam's Yams - Natural Chews for your dog: Order from Natural Vet for Pets or

Natural dehydrated sweet potato chews rich with anti-oxidants. Dogs love them and keeps them busy and scrapes off tartar. The texture of the sweet potato chews made from a healthy vegetable with no artificial additives and comes in different shapes and sizes.

Other natural chews: Raw beef marrow bones, bovine trachea called moo tubes, pig's ears, bully sticks, antlers. Dr. Hershman does not recommend raw hides. They contain harmful chemicals and are high risk choking hazards.

Hormone, preservative, grain free natural and organic meat & veggie diets.

from the website,

Raw, canned, dry, granular diet, natural treats, rainbow oil

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