Tinker Belle, a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier with itchy, red skin since a puppy on oral cortisone for 12.5 yrs. Vet dermatologist did allergy blood + skin testing, allergy shots and z/d diet for years with no improvement.

The owner was told by several vets to consider euthanasia due to her poor quality of life with liver failure from cortisone. The owner refused to give up since homeopathy had helped her so she wanted to try it on her beloved dog.

Her symptoms were increased thirst, urination, enlarged liver, diarrhea, fever, vomiting inflamed, red, itchy skin, bloody, raw sores, non-stop licking, biting, scratching, aggression, finicky appetite, halitosis and scooting.

Dr. Hershman frequently dog sat and nursed Tinkerbelle in her home while her owner traveled on business trips so she was able to observe her very closely.


Guarded to poor. Dr. Hershman did not think Tinker would be 100% curable since her immune system and life force had been damaged from the suppressive, long-term use of cortisone, inherited symptoms and liver failure. Dr. Hershman thought Tinker may be partially curable if she showed response to homeopathy in the first 6 months. Dr.Hershman’s plan was to make Tinkerbelle comfortable and if not curable she would palliate her symptoms using homeopathic remedies since Tinkerbelle’s liver could not metabolize conventional drugs normally.

Diagnostic tests:

Blood tests depicted elevated liver function tests due to long-term use of steroids. Radiographs plus abdominal ultrasound depicted enlarged, degenerative changes in her liver from steroids.


Enlarged, damaged liver from long-term steroids increasing risk of Cushings disease due to adrenal shutdown.

Aggression, increased thirst and urination are all negative side effects of steroids.

The itch was not cured with steroids due to resistance and degenerative liver changes therefore she had to be weaned off or she might go into liver failure.


Low doses of homeopathic remedies while weaning off cortisone to detox the liver and kidneys from steroid damage. One homeopathic remedy was given in a low dose every 3 weeks to treat the present and past symptoms. No supplements were given initially due to her diminished appetite, nausea,vomiting and diarrhea from the liver disease.

Homeopathic Progress:

While being weaned off the cortisone, Tinker’s itch became worse over the first 4 months. Before homeopathy was started, her itch improved 20% on Bravo raw diet + Bravo Salmon oil + Wholistic Canine Complete + natural supplements to detox liver-kidneys. Diarrhea and fevers were intermittent. Itch was constant, worse at night when warm in bed and first awakening with some sleepless nights over the next 7+ months. Her itch improved 50% about 5 months after homeopathy was started and 90% improved after 6+ months. Hair grew back very thick all over her body and her red skin was now pink again with the bronzing fading on her itchy feet from licking.

Before and After Homeopathic Veterinary Treatment Photos:

[one-third-first]homeopathic case study photo of dog[/one-third-first]
[one-third]homeopathic case study photo of dog[/one-third]
[one-third]homeopathic case study photo of dog[/one-third]
[one-third-first]homeopathic case study photo of dog[/one-third-first]
[one-third]homeopathic case study photo of dog[/one-third]
[one-third]homeopathic case study photo of dog[/one-third]

Homeopathic Assessment:

Tinker’s itch was both inherited and vaccinosis, a homeopathic term meaning ill-effects of vaccines. Cortisone initially suppressed her symptoms weakening her immune system so it was unable to fight back causing the patient to become weaker and the disease to become stronger.

Tinker’s itch was triggered by poor breeding and vaccinating too young at 6 weeks while still nursing (the proper age is 8 weeks) then OVER-vaccination with multi-valent 6 in 1 vaccines annually. The vaccines assaulted her weak, undeveloped puppy immune system causing itchy skin then diarrhea etc. By repeating vaccines annually in an itchy dog, her immune system further weakened causing her itch and diarrhea to worsen then deeper symptoms to appear like finicky appetite, fever, vomiting etc.

Tinker was healing in the homeopathic direction of cure first unmasking her original symptoms so her body could recognize and fight them with the help of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic healing occurs in reverse chronological order so the early symptoms will be cured last and the more recent ones first. Inside to out, so internal symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and fever will be pushed outward away from the vital organs to the skin, the largest and most exterior part of the immune system. Head to tail, so skin eruptions on her head, ears, neck will move back toward her tail. Dorsal to ventral, so the skin lesions on her back will move down to her chest, belly, inner legs and feet then disappear.

Tinker Belle received a rabies vaccine from another vet while her liver enzymes were elevated. She had an anaphylatic reaction including swollen face, eyes swollen shut, lethargy, fever, collapse, vomiting, bloody diarrhea and loss of appetite. Dr. Hershman treated Tinkerbelle conventionally with fluid therapy and antibiotics for 1 week. Once the antibiotics were finished and out of her bloodstream, homeopathic remedies were prescribed for her vomiting, diarrhea and relapse of itchy skin. Homeopathic remedies are antidoted by conventional drugs therefore cannot be used simultaneously.

Within 14 months of beginning homeopathy, Tinkerbelle’s skin symptoms were 100% resolved. Homeopathic assessment is that the earlier skin symptoms are either cured or dormant and time will tell if the old skin symptoms return if uncured. Homeopathic theory by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann states that when two similar diseases exist in the patient, the stronger disease symptoms will surface while the weaker ones go dormant if uncured.

Dr. Hershman does not recommend that vaccines be given to animals with chronic disease while under homeopathic treatment. Please contact Dr. Hershman to discuss your situation.

TinkerbelleSadly, sweet Tinkerbelle was euthanized at the ripe old age of 14 and a half, from liver failure. Ironically her skin & hairbcoat looked perfect but her poor liver could not survive from the damage of long term steroid treatment.

She will be greatly missed by many & will always hold a special place in my heart.