Natural Vet for Pets P.C.
Stacey Joy Hershman DVM, CVH, CVA


Holistic veterinarian
Certified veterinary homeopath
Certified veterinary acupuncturist

FAX: 914-478-4101

585 Warburton Avenue
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
(Westchester County, NY)

Office Hours:
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, 12pm - 6pm
Sunday - Closed

Veterinary House Calls

Dr. Hershman will do house calls for special cases only. Please call the office if you have any questions (ie: housebound geriatric clients or patients, euthanasia).

  • Do you have a dog that shakes when knowing that a trip to the vet is in the future?
  • Do you have a cat that howls incessantly and fights being placed into the carrier for the trip to the vet?
  • Is your dog or cat too scared to ride in the car?
  • Is your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret or guinea pig too sick to take to the vet?
  • Do you have trouble finding the time to schedule a visit to your vet's office?

By making house calls, Dr. Hershman is able to relieve the stress and fear that many nervous dogs and cats feel when having to "go to the vet."

She is able to observe them in their environment, make them feel comfortable and administer homeopathic remedies and acupuncture while on their favorite bed or sofa.

Acupuncture for your pet

While at your home, Dr. Hershman is able to perform a thorough examination, take blood if necessary and perform diagnostic procedures. If additional tests are needed, they will be scheduled.
Holistic veterinary services

By making veterinary house calls, Natural Vet for Pets can save you time, stress and worry, while providing your pet with quality homeopathic treatment in the comfort of their home.

"Autumn didn't like to travel in cars and it was a chore just to get her into her carrier.

After years of trying conventional vets for Autumn's skin problems, I met Dr. Hershman who made house calls. Not having to take Autumn to the vet made our life much easier and she seemed happier being examined in her window's sunny spot.

Stacey was able to treat Autumn's skin condition and care for her general health all in the convenience of our home."

K.F. - Pearl River, NY