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Holistic products for your pet

Dr. Hershman recommends or sells the following products for your convenience:

Vetri-Science Laboratories - Home of Glyco-Flex Products for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Uses natural accupressure, like swaddling a baby in a blanket, to alleviate anxiety from fear of thunder, fireworks, separation or travel anxiety, crate training, problem barking, hyperactivity or leash pulling.

To order: call (914) 478-4100 or email

De Flea pet and area spray & shampoo
Kills fleas on contact. Does not use chemicals, so fleas and other parasites do not become resistant, Product never loses effectiveness. Use on the pet's bedding, carpets, furniture as well as directly on the pet.

To order: call (914) 478-4100 or email

Certified Organic Buck Mountain Botanical Organic Parasite Dust:
Applied once or twice a month to natural repel & kill ticks about 95% effective.

  • Contains Neem herb a natural wound healing agent. Yarrow a repellent to many parasites and diatom flour which desiccates fleas,ticks & mosquitoes.
  • To order parasite dust call (914) 478-4100 or email
  • One 3oz. bottle lasts for years since you only apply it as needed.
  • Instructions on how to apply: Dust from rear to front exposing skin less than a tsp. total on med-large sized dog, rub down into skin. For ticks under throat & groin area & fleas around neck & genital area. Vacuum furiniture & rugs then sprinkle dust on carpet or fabric, rub in with brush, if you see dust you are using too much.
  • This product is dusty as implied by it's name so I recommend you apply it outside & wear a mask if you are asthmatic or allergic.
  • Other uses: sprinkle dust in house to kill insects or out in garden to protects flower and vegetable gardens from harmful bugs.

To order: call (914) 478-4100 or email



Online Products and Resources:

4" Furminator shedding tool & Pro-tick remover.
To order: call (914) 478-4100 or email

  • Goffle Poultry Farm: Wyckoff, NJ
    201-444-3238 to order farm raised turkey, chicken, rabbit, ostrich, boar, etc.
  • Online Raw Food Ordering Store (Wholistic Paws)to buy natural wholesome diets and treats specializing in raw. They carry hard to find holistic and natural cat and dog foods.
  • Petguard
    Canned, biscuits, organic catnip, flea comb, shampoo, natural garlic and yeast tabs. 800-874-3221
  • Sam's Yams: Order from Natural Vet for Pets or
    Natural dehydrated sweet potato chews great for dogs who eat fast and try to swallow food whole. Dogs love them and it keeps them busy and are nutritional. Sweet potatoes are very high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C so good for the immune system. The texture of the sweet potato chews are similiar to rawhide but made from a healthy vegetable with no artificial additives and comes in different shapes and sizes.
  • Veg-to-bowl: human grade dehydrated veggies to mix with canned food, cooked or raw diet. Dogs love it! Website has other natural foods, treats and supplements. To order from Dr. Hershman, call (914) 478-4100 or email
  • Hormone, preservative, grain free natural and organic meat & veggie diets:

Pet Vitamins and Natural Supplements

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Wholistic Pet
Visit the Wholistic Pet to order Certified Organic supplements for your dog, cat, bird or horse. Dr. Hershman recommends the following products:




VetStore Order your pet's
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