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Holistic veterinarian
Certified veterinary homeopath
Certified veterinary acupuncturist

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Veterinarian consultation fees

If you are a new client who is interested in homeopathy or acupuncture for your pet, please fill out the pet history & sign the homeopathic treatment acceptance letter & fax it to (914) 478-4101. We will call you back ASAP to set up an appt.

Please email or fax back the:

Conventional medical records with test results

Pet history

Homeopathic treatment acceptance letter

Credit card authorization form

Consultation for your dog and cat

Please call the office for price quotes for homeopathic, acupuncture & conventional exams.

The homeopathic initial consultation is most time-consuming and depending on the complexity of the case, it can take 1-2 hours. This includes gathering historical and current information, including physical and mental symptoms; phone and email consultations with you and your veterinarian and analysis time to decide a treatment approach.

After your pet is examined, a homeopathic medicine will be prescribed or acupuncture performed, along with a recommended natural diet and appropriate nutritional supplements.

Acupuncture for your pet


House Calls

Dr. Hershman will do house calls for special cases only. Please call Natural Vet for Pets, P.C. if you have any questions (ie: housebound geriatric clients or patients, euthanasia).

House calls
Available in Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Counties and the Upper West and East sides of New York City.

To be able to do this successfully, I must talk to you at some length to determine the pattern of illness that your animal is suffering.


List of homeopathic services for your dog, cat or pet

Common chronic illnesses treated homeopathically

Types of Homeopathic Veterinary Cases / What to Expect

Most cases involve "chronic" disease, requiring treatment over several months to years. Follow-up phone consultations are required every 3 - 4 weeks.

You will be guided in the gradual discontinuance of certain conventional medications, so that homeopathic remedies can take full effect and won’t be antidoted. If other symptoms appear during treatment or previous conditions return, please contact me so I can advise you, rather than try drugs that you may have used in the past.

Homeopathic remedies and acupuncture do not have any side effects, like conventional drugs. They stimulate the body to fight the disease and remove the symptoms, gradually and slowly since it is a natural modality.

If you are impatient, get frustrated easily are looking for a quick fix or instant results in the treatment of chronic disease, then homeopathy is not the best choice for you and you may decide to stay with conventional treatment.

When indicated, I will use conventional anesthesia, cardiac and antibiotic drugs in lieu of homeopathy or refer to a vet specialist.

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